Equestrian Bronze Sculptures - Highly Collectable Limited Editions

by Internationally renowned British Sculptor Belinda Sillars

NEWS: Belinda's New Limited Edition Bronzes:


From truly amazing head studies to unique coloured petina bronzes: Belinda has produced some of her best work from her Studio in Suffolk England - her latest limited edition bronzes show an exceptional talent for capturing the life and movement of her subjects. Belinda has spent her time perfecting her art of coloured petina in the creation of her bronzes... there are very few who can match her skill or come close.


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Welcome to the 'Award Winning' acclaimed equestrian bronze sculptor Belinda Sillars...


   ...a highly respected and very collectable artist, specialising in colour patina bronzes, equestrian bronzes, racing horses, fox hunting bronzes and superb wildlife bronze sculptures. A natural and unique talent who captures the true character and movement in all her studies... creating big demand both in Europe and the USA - all her bronze pieces are individually signed limited editions, typically 9s, 12s and 24s... a collector's dream. These works of art make for a very special gift or collectable art piece.


   Belinda Sillars not only creates limited editions but also works on many private commissions for her clients, these include sculptures of owners' prized race horses and loved animals; these are unique castings, only one of a kind and highly prized.


About the artist:


   Apart for the sought after limited edition bronze horse sculptures Belinda Sillars has undertaken a large number of important commissions for leading figures throughout the equestrian world, including the World Series Racing Championships, the Breeders' Cup, Hickstead Dressage, and the Chatsworth and Branham International Horse Trials - the most prestigious equestrian events in the world.



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Have a trap, will travel: Belinda Sillars -  a native of Suffolk, Belinda has spent a lifetime with horses, ponies and dogs; she rode and drove from an early age - at one time she competed with East Anglia Carriage Driving Group and at nationals with her cob Timbuktu - before furthering her ridden career in eventing, dressage, show jumping and racing...


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